Personal Pieces

The following are pieces I have written for my own satisfaction and to share some ideas. They have not been published anywhere, and may not have even been read! But if you like the subject, I hope you enjoy reading.

Who is the Fifth Beatle?

Ever since the Beatles came to America, there's been talk of a fifth member.


A True Space Oddity

Reflections on David Bowie's earliest hit song.


Farewell David Letterman

David Letterman left late night TV after 30 great years.


A Better White Album?

The most famous double album of all time - should it have been a single album?


These are a Few of My Favorite Films

Can you name your 15 favorite films of all time? I gave it a try.


Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Comparing the two most popular science fiction franchises


Top 10 Albums

Can you list your favorite albums of all time? I tried to...


The Kiunke Boys

Were my Dad and his brothers the real Beach Boys?